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Fire Safety & Prevention: Managing Tenant-Related Risk

August 23, 2023 
1:00 PM 
– 2:00 PM

Fires make up more than half of the total number of claims we have seen in the HSC Insurance Program this year. Whether caused intentionally or by human negligence, many providers in our group house highly vulnerable members of our communities, and managing this tenant-related risk can be challenging.

In this webinar, we will hear from Managers on the Grey County and Toronto Community Housing teams about practical strategies they have used for tenant engagement and fire safety education campaigns. We encourage all providers in the HSC Insurance Program to join us for important tips and takeaways on how you can help prevent fires and keep your tenants safe.


Sharon Irwin

Manager Community Housing, Grey County

Shariza Bharat

Acting Manager, Fire & Life Safety & Emergency Management, Toronto Community Housing Corporation

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