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To address business gaps in the social housing sector, HSC recognizes that looking to outside organizations with specialized expertise, products and services makes good business sense. HSC’s community and business partners seek to improve economies of scale for housing providers and enable the sector to better meet their community needs.  

Our current partnerships include:

  • Social Housing Investment Program: Encasa Financial Inc. is a registered Investment Fund Manager specifically created to administer the Social Housing Investment Program. The program enables affordable housing providers to effectively invest their capital reserves and operating dollars. Find out more. 

  • HPC Housing Investment Corporation (HIC): HIC was founded by a group of affordable housing organizations from across Canada to address the barriers that housing providers face in accessing low-cost, long-term financing to regenerate their community housing portfolios and build more housingAs a sector-based financing vehicle, HIC provides expertise in housing development and regeneration, finance, and underwriting required to bridge the gap between housing providers and private market debt investors. Find out more.
  • Housing Partnership Canada: HPC is a peer based network and business co-operative for senior housing leaders within organizations with a commitment to innovation. HSC provides administrative support for the organization and liaises with the HPC’s international counterparts. Learn more about HPC