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Group Insurance Program

HSC’s brokerage services are conducted through HSC Insurance Inc., a fully owned subsidiary of Housing Services Corporation.HSC Insurance leverages the power of the group to control insurance costs. Unlike private insurers, we’re focused safe and affordable housing, not profitability.

We Cover:

For an overview of the HSC Group Insurance Program, its key features, procedures and deadlines please see the 2020/21 Insurance Program Guidelines.  

Insurance Renewal Timelines:

May2 Months Before Renewal Date35 Days Before Renewal14 Days Before RenewalRenewal Date
• Renewal packages sent to providers for update
• Providers send information to alternate broker if they wish to seek an alternate quote
• Renewal information updates due 2 months prior to renewal date
• Broker begins to solicit quotes from insurance marketplace for both streams
• Program renewal sent to providers 35 days prior to renewal date
• If provider wishes to submit alternate broker quote to HSC, we must receive it 35 days prior to renewal date
• If a provider wishes to use an alternate broker, they must submit an Alternate Broker Coverage Form 14 days before renewal. LHCs must submit LHC Form (Service Manager waiver)• Insurance Renewal –Coverage Commences

We also offer additional coverage for community events, cyber insurance, Director and Officers liability and more. Learn more about our Optional Coverages here

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Tenant Insurance Program

Many tenants do not realize that their landlord’s insurance does not cover them or their belongings in the event of a fire, flood, theft or other catastrophe. When tenants are displaced from their units, there are many who cannot afford to pay for temporary accommodation; this difficult situation often forces the provider and Service Manager to scramble to make arrangements. And major losses can also affect a provider’s claims history and risk profile, making their building insurance more expensive.

HSC’s Tenant Insurance Program is a low-cost and hassle-free program that benefits both community housing tenants and reduces risks for the housing provider. 

Benefits for tenants include:

  • Covering temporary living expenses (e.g. accommodations, medicines, meals) if a covered loss displaces them. 
  • Replacing damaged property.
  • Protecting them if their actions injure other tenants or damage the provider’s property.

For housing providers, tenant insurance helps control premiums because claims costs can be re-couped from the tenant’s insurer, if the tenant(s) was negligent in causing the loss. HSC’s Group Insurance Program also offers a discount for housing providers who make tenant insurance mandatory. 

HSC Tenant Insurance is available for community housing residents in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. To request brochures, posters or tenant information sessions, contact us

Risk Management Training 

HSC offers educational opportunities to social housing providers seeking to improve their risk management practices. We work with Service Managers to provide formal and informal sessions on practical risk management for front-line staff and groups of providers, covering topics that include:

  • Fire safety
  • Emergency planning
  • Directors & Officers risk
  • Mould remediation
  • Sector Best Practices… and more.

If you are interested in hosting a session, contact us.

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Insurance Reference Group

The Insurance Reference Group is an advisory committee for the HSC Group Insurance Program made up of member representatives and risk management experts. The current members of the Insurance Reference Group are:

  • Anita Tsang-Sit, Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Jeff Barban, District of Sault Ste. Marie SSAB
  • Kevin Bradley, Ajax Municipal Housing Corporation
  • Kelly Black, District of Timiskaming SSAB
  • Tina Gardiner, Regional Municipality of York – Chair (2020)
  • Gael Gilbert, Supportive Housing Waterloo (S.H.O.W.)
  • Lisa Goodfellow, City of Ottawa
  • John McDonald, The Regional Municipality of Peel
  • Ken Ranta, Thunder Bay DSSAB
  • Dan Saumur, Greater Sudbury Housing Corporation

For more information on the Insurance Reference Group please refer to the Program Guidelines

Existing Clients

Client Questions

Marsh Canada is the broker for the HSC Group Insurance Program.

For questions regarding your insurance coverage or changes to your account please contact Marsh at:

E: hscorp.service@marsh.com
T: 416.349.6697/1.888.768.9887
F: 416.349.4551/1.888.336.6629

For questions on the Alternate Broker Process or all other inquiries, please contact HSC Insurance at:

E: insurance@hscorp.ca
T: 1.866.440.2492

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