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HSC’s core mission is to support Ontario’s social housing sector in ensuring there is available, accessible and affordable housing options for people in communities across the province. 

However, current community housing assets fall within broader housing strategies and these strategies often differ in each municipality. At the same time, Ontario’s affordable housing is continually changing and evolving. This has created a need for significant transformation within many sector organizations in order to align with new priorities and meet changing demands. 

HSC understands that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer a range of services that can be tailored to support local needs while improving the management, maintenance and renewal of our community housing assets; from technical on-the-ground project support to data analysis and financial modelling.  We also have extensive experience in strategic planning, including supporting the review of governance and operational structures, to ensure that your organization is positioned to meet the broader housing plans in your community.  

If you are looking to understand the state of your current housing assets with a mind to new development, redevelopment or creating new operating frameworks, HSC can help.

Why work with us? 

HSC brings an in-depth knowledge and expertise of Ontario’s housing programs and systems to the table.  Our multi-functional teams work collaboratively with you to provide practical and actionable plans based on your specific goals and local needs. 

Learn more about what we can offer you:

  • Business Solutions – Asset Management, Strategic Planning, Data Analysis & Financial Modeling, Facilitation & Community Engagement
  • Technical Services – Project Management, Procurement, Building Inspection Reports and More