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Who We Are

The Housing Services Corporation (HSC) is a non-profit organization committed to ensuring that Ontario residents have access to safe and affordable housing that improves their quality of life. We support this vision by focusing on the long-term health and sustainability of Ontario’s social housing properties.

HSC (formerly Social Housing Services Corporation) was created by the province under the Social Housing Reform Act (2000); this act was later replaced by the Housing Services Act (2011). Since opening its doors in 2002, we have worked with Ontario’s 1,400+ community housing providers and 47 service managers to help them make the best use of their resources and manage their buildings more effectively.

How We Work

As an independent non-profit corporation, HSC does not receive regular funding from the Province. Thanks to province-wide participation in our core programs, HSC is able to leverage the power of the group to secure high-value services for the sector at competitive rates. This includes natural gas purchasing with flexible purchasing options and guaranteed insurance coverage for all providers, regardless of claims history.

Through the effective management of our mandated programs, we are also able to support individual housing provider needs and address sector-wide business gaps. Our main areas of focus are:

Energy Services

Offering flexible purchasing options, tools to better manage utility use and sector advocacy.

Insurance & Risk Management

Protecting the financial well-being of housing provides and residents, and helping providers better manage risks.

Business Solutions

Supporting providers in strategic planning, improving operations and managing large capital projects based on local needs.

Financial Services

Addressing sector gaps by partnering with organizations with specialized expertise, such as capital reserves investing and housing finance.

House People Better

HSC Values

Our number one priority is to understand the needs of our clients and to serve them well.

People First

Respect, connect and care.


Actions that inspire trust and confidence.


Achieving more together.


Consistently delivering on our commitments.


Offering only the best.


Always improving.

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