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Natural Gas Group Purchasing Program

HSC’s province-wide natural gas purchasing program leverages the power of the group to secure competitive rates and offer flexible purchasing options for housing providers.

Participants can choose from single- or multi-year purchasing options for both the gas commodity and the transportation portion of their gas bill, giving them the greatest possible control over their gas costs. Whether you have a desire to lock in prices for budget certainty, or a higher risk tolerance for market fluctuations, we have an option that is right for you. 

While this program is targeted to Ontario municipal housing, non-profit providers with annual volumes of 50,000 m3 or higher may also join to take advantage of our program’s benefits. 

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Energy & Water Monitoring and Data Reporting

HSC’s Utility Management Program (UMP) is an online energy and water monitoring platform that helps housing providers and Service Managers better understand and manage their buildings’ utility performance.

The program offers:

  • User-friendly dashboard summaries
  • Detailed quarterly reports
  • One-on-one support from HSC staff

This platform makes it easy for users to spot issues in their buildings, identify opportunities for energy-saving upgrades, prioritize future projects and more. Through UMP, HSC can also assist providers in complying with provincial energy data reporting requirements under Ontario Regulation 506/18

Assistance with Energy-Saving Projects

Whether you need help identifying and prioritizing energy-saving upgrades or already have a project in mind but lack internal capacity to see it through, our in-house Technical Services can help.

We offer:

  • Energy Project Identification
  • Procurement Management
  • Full Project Management Services … and more!

Sector Engagement

HSC’s Energy Services programs were designed with Ontario’s community housing sector in mind, but as the sector evolves we are always striving to ensure we meet our clients’ needs.

Photo of HSC
HSC Energy Stakeholder Advisory Group tours an energy efficient Niagara Regional Housing site in 2018.

Our work with the community housing sector includes gathering feedback through various channels; this includes our own Energy Services Stakeholder Advisory Group, which is comprised of housing providers and Service Managers from across Ontario.

The feedback we receive from the sector helps us to fine-tune our services and enhance our offerings. It is also shared with government and utilities to inform incentive programs and new policy initiatives with the goal of controlling utility costs for housing providers.

To learn more about HSC’s sector engagement initiatives, contact us

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