HSC Business Solutions services:

Online Courses for End of Mortgage and Operating Agreements

To help build the capacity of Non-Profits to plan and make decisions around End of Mortgage and Operating Agreements (EMO/A), HSC now offers two online, self-paced courses.

Both courses were written and developed by community housing experts that support Boards in planning for EOM/A. Participants will:

  • Learn key EOM/A concepts and considerations
  • Better understand and plan for EOM/A
  • Appy learning through quizzes and workbook activities
  • Build their non-profit specific EOM/A action plan

Asset Management Planning 

Creating and preserving affordable housing is a key priority in communities across Ontario. HSC shares the keen understanding that the existing community housing stock is a true asset to be protected and, where possible, expanded.  That’s why we offer a range of services to support you in better understanding the state of your current housing stock and where the critical gaps may lie, to help you better plan for the future. 

We can help you:

  • Create long-term Asset Management Plans.
  • Review current capital needs and funding to understand the viability of particular projects. 
  • Create 10-Year Capital Management and Funding Plans with a focus on action-based outcomes. 
  • Analyze Building Condition Assessment. 
  • Undertake “Highest and Best Use” studies of particular sites to analyze the most financially effective way for the site to be used to offer community housing in the future. 

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is essential to the long-term success of organizations.  Service Managers and housing providers alike are positioning themselves for growth and to take on the challenges and opportunities they will face in tackling new housing development.  HSC understands the climate in which your organization is operating and we can support you in planning for the future. 

We can help you:

  • Develop a range of municipal plans: Housing & Homelessness Plans, Affordable Housing Strategies, Housing Master Plans and more.
  • Develop your strategic plan, including facilitating planning or community engagement sessions.
  • Develop business case/rationale to support local decision making or new funding.  
  • Review organizational or governance structures with a mind to position the organization for future growth.

Data Analysis and Financial Modeling

Whether your goal is to create a new program, access new funding or build sector capacity, the key to your success depends on your ability to collect and interpret current data and run full modeling of anticipated outcomes.  HSC understands the critical importance of making evidence-based decisions. Our team brings to your projects a deep knowledge of housing legislation, programs and datasets. We also bring highly developed data and research analysis expertise. In addition, our unique position in the sector means that we have a vast network to generate and share best practices. 

We can help you:

  • Create or update Housing Need and Demand Studies.
  • Analyze the current and projected operating and capital viability of housing providers or housing portfolios with a mind to building housing provider capacity.  
  • Build and test financial scenarios by modeling the impacts of proposed funding programs or changes to policy.
  • Analyze the impact of new service manager supports, such as capital grant or loan programs.
  • Understand the viability impacts on your housing stock at expiry of operating agreements/end of mortgage (EOA/M).

Facilitation & Community Engagement 

Increasingly, Service Managers and housing providers are engaging with their boards, property managers, residents, stakeholders and external parties in discussions on the future state of housing.  HSC understands how critical these conversations are to ensuring the strategies, policies and programs are inclusive and support local priorities.  As an external facilitator, we support impartial discussions that enable participants, employees and board members to fully participate and share their views. 

We can help you:

  • Undertake Community-based Planning, whether in person or through surveys. 
  • Engage board members in Strategic Planning discussions. 
  • Work directly with housing provider staff and boards in planning for their future. 
  • Engage residents through online surveys, paper mailers, or community events. 

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