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Claims Forms

When reporting a property or liability claim or incident, you can contact us and we will guide you through the process. If you are already familiar with the process and prefer to submit an initial summary of the claim in writing, please use the applicable form and submit it via email to the address indicated on each form.

Obtain an HSC Insurance Quote

If you are a housing provider and are interested in obtaining an HSC Insurance quote, please complete the application below and send it to and copy

If you have any questions, please contact

Resources for Providers

These templates can assist providers in ongoing communications with tenants to speed up the claims process; and may be incorporated into your contingency planning process:

Program Policies

For an overview on the HSC Group Insurance, including key features, procedures and deadlines see our 2023-24 Insurance Program Guidelines. If you are an HSC Group Insurance member and would like to read the complete HSC Group Insurance policy wording, please contact us.

Insurance Program Timelines

May2 Month Before Renewal35 Days Before Renewal14 Days Before RenewalRenewal Date
• Renewal packages sent to providers for update
• Providers send information to alternate broker if they wish to seek an alternate quote
• Renewal information updates due 2 months prior to renewal date
• Broker begins to solicit quotes from insurance marketplace for both streams
• Program premium quote sent to providers 35 days prior to renewal date
• Provider must submit alternate broker quote to HSC 35 days prior to renewal date
• Provider submits Alternate Broker Coverage Form
• LHCs also submit LHC form (Service Manager waiver)
• Insurance Renewal –Coverage Commences

Alternate Broker Program 

HSC’s alternate broker program ensures that providers get the insurance they need at the lowest cost. If you are considering going with an alternate broker, please note the following: 

  • Prescribed providers have the option to solicit and pursue a quote from an alternate broker.
  • Providers may bind coverage with an alternate broker where the broker offers equivalent coverage to those included in the HSC quote at a lower price.
  • Provider will be automatically bound with the group program unless you submit notification of an alternate broker through the submission of the Alternate Broker Coverage Form as per the timelines noted above.

Alternate Broker Program Forms:

Still have questions regarding the HSC Insurance Program or the Alternate Broker Process? Contact us.