To help build the capacity of Non-Profits to plan and make decisions around End of Mortgage and Operating Agreements (EMO/A), HSC now offers two online, self-paced courses.

Both courses were written and developed by community housing experts that support Boards in planning for EOM/A. Participants will:

  • Learn key EOM/A concepts and considerations
  • Better understand and plan for EOM/A
  • Appy learning through quizzes and workbook activities
  • Build their non-profit specific EOM/A action plan

About the Courses

The EOM/A Essentials course has five learning modules that provide the fundamentals for navigating End of Mortgage/Operating Agreements.

The EOM/A Prepare and Plan course has eight learning modules that will help participants gain insight into preparing an End of Mortgage/Operating Agreements action plan.

Each module will guide participants through various topics where Boards can put their learning into practice as they navigate through their organization’s planning journey.

These courses will be offered three times per year in the fall, winter, and spring to allow housing providers to complete the courses in alignment with their EOM/A dates.

Intended Audience

Whether seasoned or new to the role, these courses will help participants gain the knowledge needed to navigate EOM/A. The courses are recommended for:

  • Board members and senior staff of Non-Profits
  • Service Managers/DSAABs

Why these courses are needed

Ontario’s new community housing framework has resulted in significant regulatory changes to the Housing Services Act, 2011. These changes address the go forward operating framework for non-profits as they transition out of End of Mortgage and Operating Agreements (EOM/A) and enter new agreements.

The new changes require each non-profit housing provider and their Boards to plan and prepare for entering into a new agreement that is more localized for their needs. The courses have been designed to support non-profit Boards to understand the new regulatory context for agreements and to enable them to undertake planning within their organizations and for engaging with their Service Managers/DSSAB.  

How the courses work

Designed for an individual learner, both courses can be completed at your own pace, from any internet-enabled device. The courses will be available annually, three times per year, in the fall, winter, and spring.

  • The first cohort for the EOM/A Essentials course will begin in September 2024. If you would like to be notified when registration opens, email
  • The first cohort for the EOM/A Prepare and Plan course will begin in January 2025.

You will have access to course content for three months. We recommend you complete Course 1, EOM/A Essentials, prior to beginning Course 2, EOM/A Prepare and Plan, unless you have a strong knowledge of the regulations.

Course 1 – EOM/A Essentials

Cost $275 + HST

What participants will learn:

  • End of Mortgage (EOM) and Expiry of Operating Agreements (EOA): the differences between the two and why they matter
  • Current operating framework for non-profit housing providers and why the Province amended the Housing Services Act, 2011
  • Structure of the new Service and Exit Agreement
  • Technical requirements outlined in the new regulations for Service Agreements, Joint Financial Plans and Exit Agreements
  • Key considerations for a new agreement that suits your organization’s goals and priorities
  • Unique opportunities EOM/A may afford for both providers and Service Managers

Course 2 – Prepare and Plan for EOM/A

Cost $350 + HST

What participants will learn:

  • New regulatory changes Part VII.1 of the Housing Services Act, 2011 and the importance of planning ahead as you reach EOM/A
  • Methods to approach the planning process and the importance of revisiting your vision, mandate and goals
  • Information and data you will need to support effective decision-making
  • Simple, practical exercises you can conduct with Board members to assess the current operating and capital position of your non-profit and identify the best path forward
  • Considerations for negotiating a new agreement
  • Development of an EOM/A action plan

Course Resources

  • Videos
  • Interactive activities
  • Workbooks
  • Reading materials
  • Tools and resources (check lists, sector guides and information, action plan, non-profit self-assessment survey)

System Requirements

To access this course, you will need:

  • Internet connection
  • Operating systems: Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Browser: Runs JavaScript
  • Software: Microsoft Word (or Word processing software compatible with MS Office 2013) and updated versions of Adobe Reader

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