Fire safety

These videos resources are aimed at housing providers for information on risk management, fire safety and tenant engagement.

The Fire Drill

This video guides housing providers through tips on how to run fire drills and other fire prevention tactics.

Fire at Kingston Royal Canadian Legion Villa: How HSC Helped – Part 1

The Royal Canadian Legion Villa in Kingston provides rent-geared-to-income housing to older adults. In 2013, a fire at an adjoining construction site badly damaged the building and residents were displaced for several years. In this video, one resident recalls the experience and how HSC helped.  

Fire at Royal Canadian Legion Villa: How HSC Helped – Part 2

On November 23, 2017, seniors at Kingston’s Royal Canadian Legion Villa had a luncheon to celebrate a big victory following a 2013 fire that displaced residents for several years.

Fire at Barrie Housing: How HSC Helped

On April 23, 2018, a fire broke out at a building managed by Barrie Municipal Non-Profit Housing (Barrie Housing). It was the second fire Barrie Housing had in less than a month. In this video, Barrie Housing staff detail how they dealt with the aftermath and how HSC helped.

Tenant Engagement

Engaging Tenants on Building Safety

Tenant Engagement is essential to having a safer building and community. Holding events and hosting visits are some ways housing providers can provide information on safety to their tenants. Watch the video below to learn more!

Safety Guidelines During the Move-in Process

Move in is a natural time to offer safety information and to review information on contents insurance. This video offers tips to housing providers on how to incorporate important safety tips into the move-in process.

Writing Safety Information for Your Tenants

This video shares tips on creating written information (such as flyers or articles) to help educate your tenants on safety. It also covers the most common questions tenants ask to help you prepare your answers.

Unit Inspections

Housing providers should inspect each unit at least once a year as part of their preventative maintenance plan. This is also a great opportunity to offer tenants one-on-one safety information. Watch the video to learn more.

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