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Managing Directors & Officers Risk: Training Guide

Managing Directors & Officers Risk: Training Guide

Serving in a leadership role at a housing provider, as a Board Director or an Officer of the corporation, is an important undertaking. By agreeing to be a Director or Officer, one assumes a number of responsibilities for the behaviour and actions of the corporation you represent. However, some Directors and Officers (D&Os) are unaware of the full legal meaning of this – that they can be held personally responsible for liability associated with the duties or actions of the corporation.

To support social housing providers in effectively managing and mitigating Directors and Officers risk, HSC has developed a training guide on the subject. The guide covers the following subject areas:

  • Potential liability issues for D&Os
  • The role policies and procedures can play in reducing risk exposure
  • Sample board policies
  • The key elements of D&O liability insurance policies
  • Checklists regarding operational risk areas and issues for housing corporations

HSC can deliver facilitated sessions where we work with groups of providers in helping them develop their plans for mitigating and reducing D&O risk. For more details on this, contact us.

For further background, view the HSC webinar, Directors and Officers – How are you Managing Risk?

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