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Building Valuation Services

Building Valuation Services

Free Benchmarking Tool

When you purchase property insurance, you are required to report on current building values so that insurers know how much they can expect to pay in a large claim and to calculate your insurance premium. If your building is significantly undervalued, you could be putting your organization at financial risk if or when a disaster happens.

Some housing providers have difficulty in determining proper values. Others may have trouble finding the operational dollars to cover the high costs of in-person, on-site valuations.

To help determine whether you need a valuation, download and complete our building valuation benchmarking tool.

Please note that the Valuation Benchmarking Analysis Tool is only a guide and housing providers should not rely on this tool to establish insurance policy coverage limits. Please refer to the section below for information on affordable property valuation services offered by Housing Services Corporation and Marsh Risk Consulting.

Affordable Property Valuation Services from HSC and Marsh

Housing Services Corporation (HSC) and Marsh Risk Consulting (MRC) offers an affordable, property valuation service that delivers a trustworthy estimate of your insurance replacement costs.

At a cost of $500 plus tax per building, this service is:

  • Affordable, costing approximately a quarter of the cost of some property valuations
  • Convenient, with no visits to host or schedule. MRC experts are also available to help you complete forms
  • Trusted by insurers, true valuations are completed by valuation professionals and use methodologies approved by underwriters

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