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The ABCs of BCAs: Their Value in Asset Management and Planning

October 28, 2015 
12:30 PM 

Millions of dollars have been invested to construct affordable housing in Canada, yet housing providers still struggle to maintain their existing housing stock as buildings age and deteriorate. Increasingly, housing providers are using a Building Condition Assessments (BCA) as a trusted resource to manage aging assets and make capital planning decisions.

This webinar demonstrated how to move from a reactive to a planned asset management approach using a BCA. Even if you have maintenance plans and are versed in day-to-day operations, our seasoned pro, Bill Bacon’s technical tips, tricks and and insights will help you make cost-effective and strategic decisions for your capital planning. During this webinar you will learn:

  • The importance of a BCA and what it can tell you about major repairs or capital replacement
  • The requirements for conducting a BCA
  • How to use and interpret the information from the assessment
  • Methods to validate and update your existing BCA
  • The tools available to build your capacity for effective asset management

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