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Slicing up the Cake: Making Stock Transfer Happen in Canada

November 17, 2015 
12:30 PM 
– 1:30 AM

BC Housing’s ground-breaking move to transfer 350 provincially-owned properties to non-profit housing providers is the first of its kind in Canada. It is a significant business transformation that will strengthen the BC’s non-profit housing sector by improving access to financing, while supporting long-term planning and self-reliance.

Join us for this unique opportunity to go in-depth with BC Housing’s Shayne Ramsay on the creation of a program to facilitate the stock transfer. He will share the nuts-and-bolts of the program, including its structure, goals and expected outcomes. During this webinar you will learn:

  • The details and mechanics of the program
  • Structural elements and requirements: policies, operating agreements and financial tools)
  • Approaches and methods for assessing and selecting non-profit providers
  • Frameworks for accountability and reporting
  • Financing support and resources for non-profit providers
  • The roles of BC Housing and non-profit providers


Shayne Ramsay

CEO of BC Housing

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