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Skill Sets & Competencies to Facilitate Business Transformation in the Community Housing Sector

May 30, 2018 
12:30 PM 

The housing sector is changing: are you? With the changing regulatory and operating environment, portfolios of non-profit housing are evolving and, with this, housing organizations are adjusting their management and business approaches.

This webinar shared the study findings from Housing Partnership Canada’s second business transformation project. Based on 213 survey responses and 21 interviews with housing organizations across Canada, the study examined skill sets and core competencies, governance and internal capacities, and organization resilience and appetite for risks.

Speakers discussed how housing organizations are transforming the ways in which they do business, manage talent, adjust business practices and invest in organizational development; to future proof their businesses. The webinar covered:

  • Types of changes in organizations- renewing, diversifying and refocusing
  • Strategic actions (human resources, information technology, governance and boards, revenue generation and financing)
  • Business activities- modifications and diversification
  • Organizational development practices
  • Challenges and risks for business transformation

HPC gratefully acknowledges the support received from sector organizations, non-profit providers and their staff representatives, the key informants, and survey participants who contributed to and supported this important study.


Karen Hemmingson

Chief Research Officer, BC Housing, British Columbia

Rick Farrell

General Manager, Housing, Community and Health Services, The Regional Municipality of York, Ontario

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