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Ready For It? Maximizing Capital Investment Opportunities

November 1, 2017 
12:30 PM 
– 1:30 AM

Did we select the most impactful projects? Did we properly prioritize projects?

Ontario has been making significant multi-year investments in capital retrofits for social housing. Programs like SHARP and SHAIP are providing opportunities to link much-needed capital retrofits to long-term energy savings for buildings. But these recent programs require applicants to navigate complex program processes and rules, complete projects under extremely tight deadlines and juggle on-going operations.

For many, this has been a stressful, reactive experience that raises questions – did we select the easiest projects to do vs. ones that are most impactful? Did we sequence projects to best leverage available funding sources and achieve economies of scale across in our portfolio? How can we be better prepared the next time around?

This webinar will focus on how HSC Technical & Energy Services worked in tandem to support the delivery of SHARP projects across multiple buildings and helped clients to meaningfully address these important asset management questions. We will illustrate how the approach utilized is helping Service Managers and housing providers manage both current and future programs more easily and efficiently.

You will learn about:

  • Importance of being business case ready- know the state of the housing stock
  • Effective ways to support the delivery of program investments
  • Managing multiple projects to achieve time and cost savings
  • Engaging and supporting housing provider capacity
  • Leveraging other available funding programs (e.g., utility programs) to maximize the impact of investments

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