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Prioritizing Capital Improvement Planning and Projects in Social Housing

March 21, 2017 
12:30 PM 
– 1:30 AM

How do you prioritize the lengthy list of capital projects and items that are in front of you?

Selecting which capital repair investments to prioritize requires assessing the asset and going through a process of setting renewal priorities. Housing administrators that undertake asset prioritizing are better prepared to take advantage of funding opportunities and to refinance, enables their Boards to make decisions for allocation of funding and resources, and establishes a road map for capital improvement planning.

You will learn:

  • How to define project priorities
  • Useful tools for setting renewal priorities
  • Purpose of the BCA vs. a deep dive in scoping or an engineer study
  • Identifying opportunities to bundle similar capital projects
  • Considerations (short term repairs, long term replacements)
  • Ways to aid decision makers in project review and prioritization

This webinar is intended for housing administrators, housing providers, property management staff and Boards that have capital projects on the go or that plan to undertake repairs and retrofits in the near future.

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