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Energy Efficiency Incentive Programs for Affordable Housing

July 9, 2024 
10:30 AM 
– 12:00 PM

Sponsored by Enbridge Gas

Due to the high demand from our April webinar, we are excited to announce that we are once again partnering with Enbridge to provide valuable insights into their energy efficiency incentive programs.

In this webinar, program experts from Enbridge Gas will provide an overview of their energy efficiency incentive programs geared to multi-family and new construction affordable housing, including:

• Affordable Housing Multi Residential Program
• Affordable Housing Savings by Design

The webinar will cover the types of projects, activities and equipment eligible for rebates and incentives under each program and how to access them. Case studies and testimonials will also be shared that prove how Enbridge Gas incentive programs can benefit your projects.


Alex Colvin

Advisor, Energy Solutions

Dana McCormack

Advisor, Energy Solutions

Daniel Duhamel

Advisor, Affordable Housing Multi-Residential

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