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Creating an Effective Contingency Plan

September 21, 2023 
10:00 AM 
– 11:00 AM

Do you have a strong plan in place to help your staff respond quickly and effectively in an emergency or unforeseen event?

From floods and fires to pandemics and cyber security incidents, it’s important for housing providers to be prepared to act quickly. A clear and simple Contingency Plan can help you navigate difficult and unexpected situations by accelerating your response, ensuring vital tasks are assigned and completed, reducing damages and helping you recover quicker.

In this Contingency Planning Workshop, Brian Laur, Former Director of HSC Insurance, will walk participants through each step of creating a strong Contingency Plan. Providers will be encouraged to follow along in developing your own plans that reflect the unique needs of your organization and community.

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Brian Laur

Former Director of HSC Insurance

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