Many housing providers are working at capacity with their day-to-day operations and may lack internal resources to spearhead major capital or energy efficiency retrofit projects. That’s why many providers turn to HSC Technical Services for help. HSC Project Managers help to mitigate risks while maximizing resources and keeping costs as low as possible. Below are a few case studies that illustrate how HSC can help providers make the most of government funding and utility incentives, engage residents to help reduce energy costs and deliver major projects on time and on budget.

Vila Gaspar Non-Profit Housing (Toronto)

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In 2016, Vila Gaspar, a 266,482 sq.ft. non-profit housing provider located in Toronto, undertook  the replacement of its gas heating equipment. These retrofits qualified for a combined $78,215 Enbridge Gas incentive and saved the provider an estimated $36,700 every year on gas bills. Click below to read more!

Upwood Park/Salvador del Mundo Co-Operative Homes (Toronto)

In 2017, Upwood successfully implemented a series of energy efficiency retrofits that increased the building’s natural gas efficiency. The co-op was eligible to receive $109,155 from Enbridge, representing almost 13% of the total cost of the capital repairs. The repairs also meant reducing their gas utility bill by an estimated $34,100 per year. Click below to read more!

Pineview Terrace (Keswick, Ontario)

In November 2015 Pineview partnered with HSC to deliver the Community Champion Program pilot with the aim of engaging residents in improving their communities and reducing utility costs. By the second session, the building’s electricity consumption had already dropped by 12%, compared to its baseline, and the low/no-cost projects resulted in an estimated cost savings of $2,500/year. Click below to read more!

Co-op Housing (Nova Scotia)

In 2014 Housing Nova Scotia (HNS) initiated a funding program to assist affordable housing providers in the Province by undertaking critical capital repair projects. From 2014-2018, provincial funds were provided to several Co-Ops, enabling them to tackle major construction and renovation projects. The Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) as well as CHF Canada Atlantic region, and Housing Services Corporation (HSC) partnered together for the successful execution of this program. This case study demonstrates the value of multiple stakeholders partnering together to deliver innovative solutions that maximize funding dollars. Click below to read more!

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